19 October 2018

On the 11th of October 2018 the International conference "CORPORATE GOVERNANCE: A NEW PERSPECTIVE IN SCHOLARLY RESEARCH" successfully took place at Yaşar University in Izmir (Turkey) with the organizational participation of Department of Business (...)

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Legal tips on basic equity compensation for founders and employees

17 October 2018

Companies often wish to compensate founders and employees with equity instead of cash for reasons such as: (i) the company is new and has a low (or no) cash flow and (ii) the company wants to incentivize performance by giving its founders and (...)

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How to perform a Delaware entity search

12 October 2018

What is a Delaware entity search? A Delaware entity search is used to look up a company name in Delaware and make sure the name isn’t already used by another company. However, before getting started, it is important to understand why businesses (...)

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How to perform a data protection impact assessment

8 October 2018

One of the more confusing topics introduced in the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is Article 35’s Data Protection Impact Assessment (DPIA).

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The anatomy of a private placement memorandum

28 September 2018

A Private Placement Memorandum (or PPM) is one of the documents that a company prepares for investors in a private placement (which is also known as a private or non-public offering). A private placement or private offering is when a company (...)

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The ultimate guide to building a board of directors

21 September 2018

Building the Board of Directors for your startup is tough as they will help shape the future of your company. Early mistakes with the board can be devastating. The board of directors at your startup exists to guide your company. They aren‘t the (...)

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Asset purchase agreements: 10 things that can go wrong

18 September 2018

An Asset Purchase Agreement (APA) is the most commonly used document in commercial transactions, such as deals involving purchases of commodities, shares, businesses and real estate. These types of contracts are vital to business activity. To (...)

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7 dangers to look out for in commercial leases

13 September 2018

A commercial lease for office or retail space is a serious commitment for your business. They are typically long-term contracts lasting at least five years, the rent is often your second-biggest monthly expense after payroll, and the rights and (...)

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Five examples how GDPR affects US small businesses

5 September 2018

The scope of GDPR Size has no bearing on an organization’s GDPR compliance obligations. Due to its complexity and international origins, many small businesses have either delayed their response or ignored their compliance obligations (...)

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Everything you need to know about cryptocurrency regulation (right now)

27 August 2018

The meteoric rise of cryptocurrencies has taken the world by storm. Innovators, investors, users, and governments are scrambling to wrap their heads around cryptocurrencies and the blockchain technology that they rely upon. The emergence of a (...)

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Update on the upcoming Izmir conference

23 August 2018

The conference, titled “Corporate Governance: A New Perspective in Scholarly Research” will take place in Izmir (Turkey) on October 11, 2018 at Yasar University. The deadline for an extended abstract submission has been (...)

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Lessons from Europe: How to get more women on corporate boards

6 July 2018

U.S. companies are in a moment of self-reflection. This new-found introspection stems in large part from the #MeToo movement, which has prompted what Fortune’s Claire Zillman recently described as a “reexamination of women’s place in the (...)

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T. Rowe’s statement on shareholder activism – we speak for ourselves

26 June 2018

T. Rowe wants to make clear that activists and other investors do not speak for them, in its June ESG Spotlight, as they share their investment philosophy on shareholder activism. Activism is defined as proxy contests, campaigns to influence (...)

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Highlights from Jamie Dimon’s interview "Managers don’t have all the answers"

22 June 2018

The New York Times once referred to Jamie Dimon as “America’s least-hated banker.” For a Wall Street titan, that’s about as good as it gets.

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Berkshire Hathaway’s governance unique among public companies

19 June 2018

Todd Combs, an investment officer at Berkshire Hathaway Inc., received $376,750 in total compensation last year for serving on the board of directors at JPMorgan Chase & Co. That’s nearly 140 times what Bill Gates earned as a director on the (...)

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