International Conference in Wrocław, May 23-24, 2019

15 January

We are delighted to announce that this spring an international conference dedicated to the topic of Corporate Governance will be organized by Virtus Global Center for Corporate Governance in cooperation with Wrocław University of Economics in (...)

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Regulatory compliance for cryptocurrency businesses

14 December 2018

Cryptocurrency, also known as virtual currency, digital tokens, and coins, has become one of the most popular and versatile methods for carrying out financial transactions. The marketplace for cryptocurrency is rapidly expanding. However, there (...)

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International Conference in Rome (February 28, 2019): Deadline extended

14 December 2018

This winter an international conference dedicated to the topic of Corporate Governance will be organized by Virtus Global Center for Corporate Governance in cooperation with Roma Tre University, (...)

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Uber’s Dara Khosrowshahi thinks he has controlled his famously fractious board of directors

7 December 2018

A little more than a year after Uber’s board of directors busted into acrimony, CEO Dara Khosrowshahi is feeling pretty good about how things are going in the boardroom. That’s important since it has been one of the $70 billion company’s highest (...)

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Ikea profits plunge as revamp takes toll

29 November 2018

Ikea’s profits have fallen by more than a third as the world’s biggest furnishing retailer invests in improving its online business and tests smaller city-centre stores.

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Shareholders are stealing our jobs

22 November 2018

It’s not the robots that are coming for American jobs. It’s not the immigrants. It’s not evil offshoring CEOs either. It’s the shareholders. Under shareholder capitalism, the U.S. labor force has become a liability - a cost to be contained - rather (...)

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Lessons from Europe: How to get more women on corporate boards

9 November 2018

U.S. companies are in a moment of self-reflection. This new-found introspection stems in large part from the #MeToo movement, which has prompted what Fortune’s Claire Zillman recently described as a “reexamination of women’s place in the (...)

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Conference in Izmir: Report

2 November 2018

We are glad to present the report from our International conference "CORPORATE GOVERNANCE: A NEW PERSPECTIVE IN SCHOLARLY RESEARCH" that took place in Izmir on October 11, 2018. The conference report contains a short overview of the (...)

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Essential tips for negotiating exclusivity in a small business M&A transaction

25 October 2018

After putting your blood, sweat and tears into building a profitable and growing enterprise, there may come a time when potential buyers come knocking at your door. Realizing that your business is an attractive acquisition target can be both (...)

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19 October 2018

On the 11th of October 2018 the International conference "CORPORATE GOVERNANCE: A NEW PERSPECTIVE IN SCHOLARLY RESEARCH" successfully took place at Yaşar University in Izmir (Turkey) with the organizational participation of Department of Business (...)

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Legal tips on basic equity compensation for founders and employees

17 October 2018

Companies often wish to compensate founders and employees with equity instead of cash for reasons such as: (i) the company is new and has a low (or no) cash flow and (ii) the company wants to incentivize performance by giving its founders and (...)

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How to perform a Delaware entity search

12 October 2018

What is a Delaware entity search? A Delaware entity search is used to look up a company name in Delaware and make sure the name isn’t already used by another company. However, before getting started, it is important to understand why businesses (...)

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How to perform a data protection impact assessment

8 October 2018

One of the more confusing topics introduced in the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is Article 35’s Data Protection Impact Assessment (DPIA).

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The anatomy of a private placement memorandum

28 September 2018

A Private Placement Memorandum (or PPM) is one of the documents that a company prepares for investors in a private placement (which is also known as a private or non-public offering). A private placement or private offering is when a company (...)

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The ultimate guide to building a board of directors

21 September 2018

Building the Board of Directors for your startup is tough as they will help shape the future of your company. Early mistakes with the board can be devastating. The board of directors at your startup exists to guide your company. They aren‘t the (...)

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