International Conference in Lisbon, October 26, 2017

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Feedback from the participants

At this page, we provide a feedback from the participants that have already sent their impressions to us. New impressions will be added to this page upon their receipt by the organising committee of the conference:

Iryna Alves - ISEG (Portugal) – "I would like to thank organization committee from Ukraine and Portugal for the wonderful conference they organized. It was an optimal mix of topics, people and social gathering.”

Mark Holmes – Coventry University (the UK) - “Firstly, thanks for letting me participate. I thought the conference was a great chance to hear some brilliant research ideas and also benefit from colleagues’ insights and I hope that I can partake again. I particularly liked the fact that as it was relatively small I was able to talk to most participants in some way and hence make useful connections. Lisbon also made a brilliant back drop and host and I would be grateful if you could again pass our thanks to ISEG for their hospitality.”

Ana Beatriz Hernandez Lara – University Rovira i Virgili (Spain) - “The conference was very well organized, the presentations really interesting, providing new and relevant ideas to go further in the research on corporate governance. Also, I met many interesting academics, and more important, nice people, to share beautiful moments in this wonderful city that Lisbon is. Undoubtedly, I will try to attend this conference again in the future.”

Xiaoni Li – University Rovira i Virgili (Spain) - “It was a great explore academically in the conference in Lisbon this time. I did enjoy a lot all sessions and discussions and also appreciated for all valuable comments to our current research paper.”

Hundal Shabnamjit – University of Jyvaskyla (Finland) - “By far the Lisbon conference has turned out to be the best conference of my career for the following reasons:
1. The best part of the conference was the arrangement of the papers. Every next paper was the follow-up of the previous one. As a consequence, there was almost no repetition (read boredom) between two papers even in the same track.
2. Despite being one day long, there was plenty of time and opportunities to do networking.
3. Overall, it was a completely stress-free type of academic conference.
I congratulate both of you and your colleagues for organizing such a wonderful event. Hope to see you soon in the near future.”

Victor Barros – ISEG/ADVANCE Lisbon (Portugal) - “This conference is unique because it covers a delimited range of topics and because it gives us the opportunity to meet with all participants to share with them precious thoughts and to receive valuable feedback, which is less likely to occur in large-scale conferences.”

Elena Merino - University of Castilla-La Mancha (Spain) - "The international conference held in Lisbon has involved a meeting with other researchers on "corporate governance" and has given us important new ideas and perspectives to continue working on the subject. All in a very friendly and comfortable environment. Congratulations to the organizing committee."

Karin Barthelmes-Wehr - Managing Director, Initiative Corporate Governance of the German Real Estate Industry (Germany) - "As a Managing Director of an organisation focussing on corporate governance issues it’s always very interesting to get a quick and yet profound overview over topics that are being explored scientifically in the field of governance, CSR etc. The speeches covered many different aspects and were very interesting, the discussions lively and the whole conference well organised and set-up. Thanks a lot!“

Kazuyuki Shimizu, School of Business Administration, Meiji University (Japan) and Visiting scholar at the Kemmy Business School, University of Limerick, (Ireland) - "I was able to find some new ideas for my research and had some useful contacts with people working in relevant fields. Also, I was able to publish my paper in your Journal of Governance and Regulation. I appreciate the certain kind support, especially by Yaroslav Mozghovyi. Thank you very much!"

We’ve also filmed a couple of interviews during the conference and they are available here:

The interview with Niels Hermes, Professor, Dr., Chair of the Department of Economics, Econometrics and Finance, Faculty of Economics and Business, University of Groningen, the Netherlands

The interview with Maclyn Clouse, Professor, Dr., Reiman School of Finance, University of Denver, USA

The interview with Konstantinos Sergakis, Professor, Dr., School of Law, University of Glasgow, UK