International Conference in Izmir, October 11, 2018

Corresponding sections:

Organisers and sponsors

Yaşar University (In Turkish, Yaşar Üniversitesi) is a university, in Izmir, Turkey on the Aegean Sea. The university faculty teaches in English, with programs at both the undergraduate and postgraduate level. It was founded by Selçuk Yaşar. The aim of the university is to provide education and services and produce research based on the guiding principles of science, art and design to contribute to the development of both the local and global community. Yaşar University website.

Virtus Global Center for Corporate Governance was established by Virtus Interpress in 2014. It is aimed to unite thousands of experts who have expertise in general corporate governance. Therefore to unite the network around the idea to conduct research in general corporate governance, not just in corporate governance and regulation in banks and financial institutions the new center was established. Virtus GCCG web page.

Conference sponsors:

Yaşar University
Virtus Global Center for Corporate Governance
Virtus Interpress

Organising committee:

Prof. Alex Kostyuk - co-chair of the conference
Prof. Dilvin Taskin - co-chair of the conference
Dr. Duygu Türker
Dr. Elizaveta Kravchenko
Polina Bahmetenko
Kateryna Huryna