International Conference in Izmir, October 11, 2018

Corresponding sections:

Feedback from the conference

During the conference, we have collected handwritten feedback from the participants in our traditional book.

Below you can find the feedback from the following researchers:

  • Nobuyuki Teshima, Senshu University, Japan
  • Salma Belhaj, Вank BIAT, Tunisia
  • Asli Togan Egrican, Kadir Has University, Turkey
  • Ismail Elshahoubi, Henley Business School, Reading University, the UK
  • Hugh Grove, School of Accountancy, University of Denver, the USA
  • Mac Clouse, University of Denver, the USA
  • Dilvin Taskin, Yaşar University, Turkey
  • Themistokles Lazarides, University of Applied Sciences of Thessaly, Greece