International Conference in Wrocław (May 23-24, 2019)

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Organisers and sponsors

The Wroclaw University of Economics is a long-established centre of scientific and educational activities in the region. Professor Kamil Stefko was the first elected Rector of the school. The Higher School of Trade was a single-faculty trade school offering 3-year courses in the following specialisations: General Trade, Cooperative Management, Administration and Public Economy, Trade Insurance. In 1950, the school was nationalised and transformed into Higher School of Economics, with two faculties – Industry and Finance. On 18th of March 2008, by power of an act of the Parliament of the Republic of Poland, the school was formally renamed to Wroclaw University of Economics. Today, the University is ranked among the top economic schools of higher education in Poland, an important centre of education, science, and research. Its activities are aimed at maintaining and strengthening the position of the University on regional, national, European, and international levels. The Wrocław University of Economics website.

The publishing house “Virtus Interpress” offers the expertise and global perspectives in corporate governance. “Virtus Interpress” publishes six journals in corporate governance and regulation, book series, acts as co-organizer of international conferences and seminars. Virtus Interpress webpage.

Virtus Global Center for Corporate Governance was established by Virtus Interpress in 2014. It is aimed to unite thousands of experts who have expertise in general corporate governance. Therefore to unite the network around the idea to conduct research in general corporate governance, not just in corporate governance and regulation in banks and financial institutions the new center was established. Virtus GCCG webpage.

Conference sponsors:

Wrocław University of Economics
Virtus Interpress
Virtus Global Center for Corporate Governance

Organising committee:

  • Prof. Alex Kostyuk - co-chair of the conference
  • Dr. Alicja Brodzka - co-chair of the conference
  • Dr. inż. Dominika Hadro
  • Dr. Marek Pauka
  • Dr. Krzysztof Biernacki
  • Dr. Yaroslav Mozghovyi
  • Tetiana Dzholos